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Laundry room/Slaughterhouse

Barrel to wash clothes
Until 1918 this was the laundry room. Every six weeks the nuns did an enormous laundry. The dirty laundry was put to soak here during winter and in the summer all the laundry work was done outside. Afterwards they washed and rinsed the laundry in big wooden washtubs. When in 1918 the new hospital in the Billemontstraat was being used, the nuns had to use wheelbarrows to take the laundry to the laundry room in the new hospital.
shopping blok

The laundry room was also used as a slaughterhouse. A dead pig would be hung from two rings on the ceiling, while the butcher boned it. The blood was collected to make black pudding. The chopping block was used to cut up the carcass. Meat, which wasn’t eaten immediately, was preserved, greased or pickled. Afterwards it was stored in the cellar.