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The Crafts House

The ‘Crafts House’, built in 1728, houses all rooms necessary for the maintenance of the convent community and the hospital. The ‘Crafts House’ was probably erected above a series of smaller buildings or service rooms. Traces of which were found during the restoration.  The ‘Crafts House’ has a more abundant exterior than the other buildings, thanks to the white stone frame around the windows, doors and heavy ridge board.

On the first floor, you can find a spacious kitchen with a cellar and a cellar chamber, the scullery, the servant’s kitchen, the laundry room/slaughterhouse, the bakery and the brewery. The large bedrooms on the top floor were initially intended for guests and visitors, but later on they became convent cells. The wooden attic was used as a depot for the grain that was used in the brewery.

Except for the brewery, which is now the museum reception, all the different museum rooms are restored to their original state and they now form the museum. The top floor and the attic were transformed into four duplex housing facilities.